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The Animal House Team, rebuilding "Adams County Pet Rescue" shelter (Rebecca Rodriguez, Creator / Producer)

The Animal House Team, rebuilding "Adams County Pet Rescue" shelter (Rebecca Rodriguez, Creator / Producer)



"I have had the pleasure of working with Rebecca and cannot conceive of a more dedicated, knowledgeable or cooperative person. We are building our animal shelter now, a year ago this seamed impossible. I believe that without Rebecca's efforts it could not have happened. Divergent goals, personalities and historical conflict made the possibility of this event ever taking place doubtful. She handled some very difficult situations with tact, resourcefulness and a sensitivity to the concerns of both parties."   

Rae Welch, President, Blue Mountain Humane Association                    La Grande, OR USA

"We would like to extend our sincere appreciation for your assistance in attempting to resolve our outstanding animal shelter issue. We feel confident that we can now move forward in a united approach to having a supportive and functional animal shelter."                                                   

Union County Board of Commissioners, La Grande, Oregon

"The directors of the Humane Society of Harrison County have asked me to let you know how much they appreciate the time you have spent with me and the suggestions you offered for the Marshall Animal Shelter addition. Our discussions have been invaluable to me; you pointed out so many things our humane society can do to further the cause of animal welfare in this area."                                                                                   

Laverne Hughey, Committe Chair,                                                        The Humane Society of Harrison County  Marshall, TX USA

"Because I am aware of the assistance that you have given to Laverne Hughey and the special projects she is working towards for the Marshall Animal Shelter, I would like to add my appreciation to you on behalf the city. The City of Marshall is very proud of our Animal Shelter."                 

Audrey Kariel, Mayor                                                                              Marshall, TX USA

"It was such a pleasure to meet with someone with your knowledge, capabilities and drive. Our members were inspired by your speech, and your enthusiasm has certainly been contagious. I must share with you the positive comments I have received from the people of Brookings about your visit. The response was really quite incredible.                                 

Gail Anderson, Secretary, Friends of Animals                                    Brookings, OR USA


  • Founded the Humane Society on the island of Guam

  • Negotiated the terms for the implementation of a volunteer program at the government animal shelter

  • Developed a strategy to reduce an island-based stray / feral population estimated at 40,000 dogs

  • Coordinated the development and implementation of shelter protocol for an outdated shelter

  • Spearheaded the People's Task Force for Animal Control and Quarantine on the island of Guam

  • Ran the animal care department in one of the largest humane societies in the Pacific Northwest.

  • Mediated a county / community dispute related to the building of a new animal shelter in Oregon

  • Evaluated shelter programs and delivered recommendations for animal groups in Texas, Oregon and Washington

  • Mediated a county / community dispute related to the inappropriate actions of an Animal Control Advisory Council

  • Completed an animal shelter in a rural community while shooting the pilot episode of Animal House

  • Assisted in the rescue and placement of dozens of animals from rural and island communities.

  • Coordinated and conducted transport TNR clinics for hundreds of cats.

  • Provide fostering support for a local organization.