Current OAW Projects

FEATURED PROJECT Bandung Zoo - We must help the animals of Indonesia. The conditions are tragic as featured on CNN. Fund-raising NOW! 

Cowlitz County, Washington - working to get the local shelter and government on board with improving the sub-standard practices at the shelter. 

"Charlie Boy" - a short video

project highlighting the joy

behind special needs animals.

In association with Pacific

Animal Society.

"One Trip at a Time" - a short

video project highlighting the

importance of pet transfer.

In association with Forget

Me Not Animal Shelter and

Pet Net Washington.

"The Singers" - a short

documentary highlighting

the wild dogs of Papua

New Guinea and the

need for research and


"A Cat-tastic Day"

a short video project

highlighting the relationship

between boutiques and

animal rescue groups.

In association with Pacific

Animal Society.

​"TNR 101" - a short video

project highlighting the

steps related to

conducting a transport

clinic for the

trap-neuter-return of

feral cats. In association with Pacific Animal Society and the Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon.

Puerto Rico - transport /

fostering / adoption

support for Barks of Hope.

Television Program -

developing an international

program to help inspire 

humane standards in

other countries.

Starving zoo animals beg for food.

I need your help to get more projects underway!

  • Assist with the stray/feral animal situation and sheltering conditions in Guam, Siapan, Cook Islands, Greece and Italy. 
  • Help a small animal rescue in Bulgaria to set up animal transport and support services.
  • Advocate in Tri-Cities, Washington to get the local animal shelter improvements agreement approved.
  • Produce an educational video surrounding house rabbits
  • Produce an educational video surrounding the humane treatment of farm animals
  • Address the enforcement of standards for chicken farms in Washington State.
  • Assist a Pig Sanctuary with barn improvement, fund-raising and exposure.
  • Assist with an animal shelter improvement project and spay/neuter support in Alaska. 

Most of my projects are supported by produced videos and / or podcasts. This is an important tool to inspire accountability and responsibility. In addition, I don't charge struggling organizations or advocates for help. I rely on the support of people who are willing and able to provide a financial contributions, allowing me to continue fighting for animals. 

Pending OAW Projects

Adams County Pet Rescue

Barks of Hope

  • Helped establish transfer relationships
  • Updated the organization's website

Tillamook County Animal Aid

  • Provided working forms
  • Helped establish transfer relationships
  • Developed a website for the organization
  • Assisted with logo / branding development.

West Richland

  • Investigated the operation of an off-site animal shelter where the public was being denied access
  • Developed and presented a plan for the local animal group to combat the poor animal services being offered

"A Meet and Greet for Abby" - a short video highlighting the importance of fostering animals.

 "A Dog's Love Story" - a short video highlighting the importance of considering bonded pairs when adopting an animal companion. VIRAL

Past Projects