Do you know of an organization that is struggling to interface with the local government to improve conditions for the animals? Is the local shelter operating outside of best practices? Is there something suspicious or troubling happening to the animals in your community? Are animals being neglected or abused and no one will help? Do you want to help the animals in your area but don't know where to begin?

One Animal World works with a unique group of individuals to provide animal shelters and advocates with assistance in the following areas...

  • problem solving
  • dispute resolution
  • crisis assessment
  • political position development
  • feral and stray population strategy
  • shelter evaluation / assessment
  • program development
  • confidential research / investigations
  • disaster preparedness
  • extreme animal rescue 
  • branding development, website, logo design
  • relationship building

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Many organization need outside help but simply can't afford to hire a consultant or mediator. Your support helps OAW offer assistance for FREE to animal groups and advocates around the world!

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