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Animal lovers and advocates around the world are agonizing over the conditions facing the animals in Indonesia. The zoos, safari parks and marketplaces are filled with thousands of animals, many of them endangered species, being tortured, neglected and exploited.  The despair is suffocating. The terror in their eyes is soul-changing.

After visiting Indonesia and experiencing the devastating conditions first hand, I am move forward to help several local organizations and specific animals in need. Please consider joining the fight! Visit my GoFundMe campaign to learn more and to discover how you can help.

One Animal World is a for-profit company. Contributions to One Animal World or any of the related projects are NOT tax-deductible.

Episode 9: The Problem with Pit Bulls 

One Animal World is a for-profit company. Contributions to One Animal World or Animal House TV are NOT tax-deductible.

One Animal World Podcast is about animals and the problems they face because of people. Each episode will examine a new topic and delve into how people love animals and how they fail them. One Animal World will present a unique perspectives and hopefully inspire you to be a part of making the world a better place for animals.

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Bears at the Bandung Zoo beg for food from the visitors.


​​with animal advocate and rescuer

Rebecca A. Rodriguez

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The mission of One Animal World is to inspire compassion and elevate the standards for animals around the world through support, intervention, political platforms and strategically produced, educational videos.

In spite of a growing awareness about the importance of animals, there are still communities without animal services, animal shelters that are falling apart, an absence of humane education, insufficient cruelty laws and poor enforcement. There are animals suffering in obscurity at underfunded rescues or at the hands of abuser. And there are advocates so overwhelmed that they have no time to even seek help.

One Animal World brings together animal professionals to solve problems for the most at-risk rescues, extreme efforts and under-supported advocates.  ​We are creative, persuasive and utterly determined to help animals in whatever way possible.​ 

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